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A Man and His Dream ...

A Man and His Dream...

The reality of people under communism is erupting in an explosion of change and hope. As the countries of the Eastern Bloc experience the first fragile light of freedom, it is appropriate to reflect on the true roots of this historic liberation.

In the beginning there was only a man and his dream ... and a small inheritance from Czar Nicholas II. The man with that dream was me, Ed Spivey Jr., and ... Wait a minute. I used that already ...

Never mind.

Coming This Fall ...

On my family's annual summer trip to visit relatives in Texas, we were driving through Ohio, enjoying the incredible mountain-peaked vistas, when the adults in the car were distracted by the two children in the back seat. "Quick! Get in the lifeboats! The ship is sinking!" said one sister. "But wait! I can't leave my clothes!" said the other sister. Intrigued, I asked my daughters what game they were playing.

"Barbie's on the Titanic," came the reply.

It was the funniest thing I'd heard all year.

Now, a comedic invention of this magnitude is not expected from children idly passing the time in a car. In Hollywood, millions of dollars are spent every year producing films with plots not half this good.

Stunned by the originality of this concept, I realized that their little idea was worthy of full development, and since I still don't have any copy for November layouts, I have the time. Therefore, we present the upcoming made-for-TV movie:

"Tragedy At Sea: Has Anyone Seen My Cosmetics Case?"

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