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What's a Myth

SAY IT AIN'T SO! Tell me you didn't quote "Christianity's Gift" by Walter Wink (March-April 2002) because it represents where Sojourners is going theologically. Wink says that Jesus is a myth. Is Jesus merely a nice idea ranking up there with the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Easter bunny, or good karma? Following that logic can I believe that the "Powers" of which Wink has so eloquently written previously are also nothing more than a myth—an embodiment in our minds or a personification of evil?

If all Christianity has to offer is a myth of imagined good and incarnate evil what real difference does it make? Myths may inspire but they cannot redeem. I believe Jesus is far more than a "revealer and catalyst of our true humanity." He is the most complete revelation and "enfleshing" of the One, True God and the primary means by which we can re-establish a loving relationship with God and overcome real evil, personal and cosmic.

Gary Downing
Rochester, Minnesota

Walter Wink responds:

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 2002
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