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Come to the Table
Invite your friends, pass the cookies, and dig into Sojourners. Table Talk discussion guides provide a bi-weekly gathering place for communities to discuss issues of faith, politics, and culture--local and global. Table Talk offers a smorgasbord of questions (enough for four sessions, if you want to arrange it that way), as well as resources for further study and suggestions for action. You bring dessert.

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Session I. From Conquistadors to Corporations
"The Roots of Globalization" (p. 20)
"Cuppa Joe, With a Twist" (p. 26)

Globalization didn't start with McDonald's and Microsoft, or even with the Industrial Revolution, and understanding its history is the first step to responding faithfully to its manifestations in the 21st century. Place yourself in the globalized world—how have you and your community been touched by the far-flung economy or the look-alike culture of globalization?

Questions to Consider
1. The Industrial Revolution was fueled by resources stolen from the poor. As Parker points out, this has never been reciprocated. How much was this reality covered in the history you learned? What do you think about restoring justice by paying reparations?

2. As people of faith we understand that death is an integral, even sacred part of life, but murder is not. What ethical standards should be used to deal with the fact that this year 50 million people will die of preventable disease or malnutrition?

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 2002
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