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Mean Spirited

BEING A "LIBERAL" lesbian, I find it odd that I seem to find myself always coming to the defense of the "evangelical." But I felt "Is God a Rams Fan?" (by Randall Balmer, January-February 2001) to be unnecessary and even mean spirited. Only God can know the hearts of "man." To see a photo of several grown men on their knees, holding hands, praying to a power larger than themselves—I find this to be a wonderful thing. Balmer writes, "The deity seems to be in a no-lose situation." This is God's problem or our problem with God in life, not just sports. Why are some people provided miracles and some children raped and killed? Her thoughts are not our thoughts and her ways are not our ways! I am sure I disagree with many evangelicals on many issues, but anyone who is actively and honestly seeking God should not be put down by people who claim to be doing the same thing.

Jennifer Magee
Salem, Oregon

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 2001
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