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Eight Pretty Bad Corporations


Aventis CropScience. Put genetically altered and EPA unapproved "Star Link" corn in Taco Bell brand taco shells; at least 44 people became ill.

British American Tobacco. Managed a worldwide cigarette smuggling operation to avoid excise taxes on tobacco.

BP Amoco. Dumped hazardous waste on Alaska's North Slope and polluted the drinking water, while lobbying Congress to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling.

Ford Motor Company and Bridgestone/Firestone Inc. Knew since 1993 about tread separation on Firestone tires and the resulting roll-over accidents with Ford Explorer SUVs, but did nothing until the U.S. government launched an investigation.

Lockheed Martin Corp. Tested toxic drinking water on human subjects to preempt EPA regulatory standards on percholate in drinking water. Percholate is a highly toxic component of rocket fuel that has leaked into the Southern California water supply from a former Lockheed plant.

Talisman Energy Inc. Took over Chevron's oil extraction contract in Sudan and is supporting the Islamic government's war effort aimed primarily at Christian communities in the South.

Tyson Foods and IBP Inc. Formed a meat monopoly when the massive chicken processor Tyson Foods initiated a merger with IBP, the second largest pork producer, which threatens to wreak havoc on the already precarious farm economy.

Shell Petroleum Development Corporation. Accused of importing arms and ammunition into Nigeria to use against Nigerians protesting Shell's undue influence on their government and disputed drilling rights on indigenous lands.

Compiled from reports by Corporate Watch and the Presbyterian Church (USA).

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 2001
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