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White Supremacy

I am terribly disappointed with the March-April 1997 issue that claims "white supremacy" is an idol ("Blocking the Prayers of the Church," by Eugene F. Rivers 3d). This is not a healing message—a message to aid in understanding and to bring us together. It is a universal condemnation without distinctions—it is "black and white," no shades of gray.

Sojourners now owes its readers a more balanced view of this issue. The books cited offer some intriguing perceptions, and Rivers’ questions, Why is everything breaking down? What is it about the American experience that makes it completely crazy? are worth asking.

But after teaching for 30 years in the public schools with minority students, his arguments ring hollow with partial truths and a blatant ugly condemnation of all those who sincerely try to serve with the best of intentions—some with great emotional and physical sacrifice.

Please, I need the support and reinforcement of Sojourners when confronted with those who view society with the narrow lens of how great our "capitalistic" society would be if only people would go out and get a job. These are mostly sincere people who have little understanding of what it is to be poor, homeless, and deprived of hope for a better future. These people will not be persuaded or enlightened by this kind of confrontational approach.

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 1997
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