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Rooting in the Past

I AGREE THAT "alternative" is not a good choice as part of the cover line ("Say It Ain't So," in "Letters," March-April). I would suggest the word "radical," as in the word "root." I believe you even did an issue about that.

I have subscribed to Sojourners for 25 years (since when this was a "rag") and I have found the magazine and the community devoted, at times, to the radical idea of Jesus and the gospel.

More recently, though, I have found the message pragmatic and almost (gasp) conservative. I challenge you to look at the original issues. Look at the tone, the temperament, the message, and the enthusiasm projected. Were we reading about "a happy medium"?

Are today's issues as exciting or projected with the same angst? I hope the adage that "today's liberals are tomorrow's conservatives" is not happening.

I look forward to the challenges given in future commentaries, epistles, and articles. They help keep me grounded in the gospel.

Leonard Campbell
Center Harbor, New Hampshire


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Sojourners Magazine May-June 1996
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