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SEVERAL OF the artists who wrote for our forum on the creative vocation touched on the fact that art, like faith, is hard work as well as sweet inspiration. Knowing the truth of that in our own calling as well, we deeply appreciate associate editor Bob Hulteen's vision for this collection of articles and the immense time and energy that he and editorial staff assistant Brett Grainger put into making them a reality. Bob was working out of his Minneapolis home office and Brett was here in D.C., so they kept the phone lines humming as they consulted on which artists to contact and how. (Bob, by the way, almost always wins "Sojourners Minneapolis Employee of the Month," which he insists is not related to being the only Sojourners employee there.) The essay winning the most scenic route award would be Carlos Santana's. He recorded his thoughts on tape, which his brother George then played over the phone for Bob, who was taping them at his end of the line. Bob then transcribed the tape and e-mailed the transcript to Richard Vernon in our outreach office, who gave the file to assistant editor Aaron Gallegos, who edited it, printed it out, and faxed it to George Santana so that he and Carlos could see what it looked like on paper. We hope you find inspiration for your own creative pursuits in our pages.

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 1996
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