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In Harmony with God

MY WORK AS AN ARTIST is a reflection of God's work of creation in our society and in the world.

Sound and resonance-which is music-is a key that unlocks people's hearts. Music makes people become aware that the most precious possession they can own is an open heart and that the most important weapon they can be is an instrument of peace. Sound reminds the listener that we come from light and return to light, which is God himself.

Music is about compassion, harmony, joy, love, and peace-all the beautiful things you cannot buy in a store. You can only go within and identify with it.

The voice of God is a sincere melody and song. The eyes of God are the sincere smiles of children laughing with you.

My work reflects God's work by bringing harmony, peace, joy, and love. Let us all listen to music, soulful, heart-sincere music. And let us bathe in liquid light.

CARLOS SANTANA is a musician living in San Rafael, California, and the lead guitarist for Santana, whose most recent release is Dance of the Rainbow Serpent (Columbia, 1995).

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 1996
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