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Six Questions for Deiglis Delgado

1. How does your faith motivate you?
As a Christian, I believe that God is on the side of poor and oppressed people. Because of my faith, I want to do what I can to be a blessing to people who are taken advantage of. Environmental justice issues, such as the right to breathe clean air and to have clean water to drink, are things that churches should be involved in.

2. What are LUCA’s main ways of pursuing environmental justice?
Members give presentations such as "Air Quality 101" and "Clean Homes, Healthy Families" to school and church groups around Fresno. We also support sister organizations in our area who are struggling for justice for their communities. At least once a year, we go to the state capital to advocate for better laws that protect the environment we live in, especially for socially vulnerable communities.

3. Who is one person you've worked with that really inspires you?
Last year, LUCA went to Kettleman City, a town about an hour away from Fresno, where there has been a very high rate of birth defects. Several mothers who had lost their babies, or whose children are very sick because of environmental injustices, shared their struggle with us. I met Miguel Alatorre, a high school student who is the leader of Kids Protecting Our Planet, and I was very inspired by the way that he and his friends are helping to fight against the unjust amount of pollution near their town.

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