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Nonviolent Resistence Resources


Here is an extended list of Sojourners articles, films, websites, and books on the history, strategy, and implementation of nonviolent resistance.

Resources from Sojourners:

Christians and Nonviolence: Designed to spark discussion and thought about how to live out God's call for justice in our world. Each session includes Sojourners articles, questions for discussion, and ideas for further study.

Putting Down Stones: A Faithful Response to Urban Violence: A tool to help people set down their weapons and lay the foundation for initiatives that lead to peace. It offers Christians and other people of conscience encouragement and guidance to use their gifts and skills to bring about reconciliation and justice. Our hope is for the church and the wider community to discover the next steps that can be taken to heal our cities and ourselves.

Liberation without War: Is there a nonviolent way to overthrow dictators and achieve democracy? By Jack DuVall. (Sojourners, February 2004). "To make nonviolent struggle the global boulevard to political liberation, we must relentlessly propagate the ideas and strategies that pave its way to victory. Former president Jimmy Carter has said that 'nonviolent valor can end oppression.' But not until we all enlist to help the valiant."

Celebrate the Peace Parade, by Rose Marie Berger. A review of eight books on nonviolence, in theory and practice. (Sojourners, November 2010).

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