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Make it Personal

Letter to the Editors

I was intrigued by Jim Wallis’ book excerpt and grateful for the challenges presented. However, I was dismayed by the ways that he played down the possibilities of individual and communal action. Maybe my “personal actions are not enough”—but they are the only ones within my control right now. For decades, I banked with Dwelling House Savings & Loan in Pittsburgh—a financial institution founded on Kingdom principles if ever there was one. Yet the government declared that beacon of light “failed” last year; now I wonder whether there are any similarly principled institutions out there. Can Sojourners help persons of conscience discover possibilities for personal and congregational action? Give us some options!

Rev. Dave Carver
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Editor’s note: Resources on this topic can be found at Check out our special issue on socially responsible investing (May 2008).
Sojourners Magazine May 2010
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