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Finally, Fiscal Responsibility

This being our special issue on sustainability and consumerism,

This being our special issue on sustainability and consumerism, I wanted to distract us from the topic of personal responsibility before somebody notices that I have more than one car. So let’s quickly broaden the conversation to include the federal government, an institution that is currently embroiled in its own issues of fiscal sustainability, in particular the future of critical entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Lockheed Martin.

Living outside our nation’s capital, you may be uninformed on these issues, given that a chastened liberal media has decided to abandon its constitutional mandate and pretty much cover Michael Jackson 24 hours a day. To your credit, however, many of you plan to lodge a formal complaint with the local television station, just as soon as you see what the Style channel is saying about the jury’s outfits.

The good news is that, in its recently released 2006 budget proposal, the White House has finally confronted powerful lobbies and cut government programs that have for decades placed an enormous burden on our national treasury. With apologies to no one, the Bush budget simply pulls the plug on these special interests and their narrow agendas.

Such as schools for American Indian children.

Also, emergency food aid for the poor.

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