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Helping Others


"THE BOMB is Back" (by Jonathan Schell, November-December 2002) recommends the prohibition of nuclear arms to prevent nuclear war. India's detonation of a nuclear device was a cause of celebration in India, and it is difficult to imagine that any national leader would ever sign a prohibition until the public agrees with the leader. There is a tendency to want to speak to "world leaders" about nuclear peace, but, in fact, the genesis of nuclear peace lies in providing a better life for peasants—providing simple things, such as potable water, or the expectation of a better future for their children, or the guarantee of fairness and justice in dealing with society and government. Only when peasants have a stake in the status quo will nuclear disarmament be viable. Given that, everyone can have a hand in the prevention of nuclear war simply by doing a little something every day that would tend to help those less fortunate.

Mark Davis
Kansas City, Kansas

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 2003
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