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Yeah, But is It Art?

TAG EVERS' ARTICLE on Contemporary Christian Music ("Fiddling While Rome Burns," January-February 2001) reminded me of a long debated question among those of us in the actual biz: Is it entertainment or is it ministry? I host a Christian hard rock radio show here in Jacksonville, and last year I tried to answer that question on my show. My thesis is simple: Contemporary Christian Music is entertainment that ministers and ministry that entertains. The two are inseparable, and to say you must have one without the other is akin to having a coin with only one side.

I'll admit there is a lot of fluff in the CCM scene and there is much more in the countless records we don't play. When there is so much product, simple economics comes into play and quality is diluted. There is meaningful CCM out there; acts like Sarah Masen, Adam Again, Delirious, Everyday Life, and U2 keep me listening for their good music and for a message that goes deeper than the shallow pop on your average top 40 station.

John Maycumber
WIOJ Radio
Jacksonville, Florida

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 2001
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