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Middle East Peace

I WOULD LIKE to copy your article "A Cry for Atonement" (by Rabbi Michael Lerner, January-February 2001) and send it to all the lawmakers who make a difference in the Middle East situation. When I was there last year as part of a Presbyterian women's exchange, I began to understand the frustration of the Palestinians...their lack of free access to do things like go to doctors, find a new job, add on to their own homes, and protect their homes from bulldozers.

I saw a government with a great deal of power and a good deal of money ($1 billion in aid every year from the United States) which acted as if it was scared of a people who have so little. I sat in church basements with women who had to flee from their homes years ago and were never reimbursed. That article is a good one, trying to reflect reason for both sides.

Barbara Epley-Shuck
Whitesboro, New York

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 2001
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