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Combining elements of successful adopt-a-highway and sister cities concepts, a new U.N.-sponsored program encourages individuals, community groups, and businesses to Adopt-A-Minefield. As a practical means of saving lives and raising awareness about the landmine crisis, sponsors raise funds to clear minefields and return land to productive use. While a mine can cost as little as $3 to produce, it can cost up to $1,000 to remove, so sponsors may adopt entire minefields or contribute smaller amounts, which are pooled with other contributions. Contact the Adopt-A-Minefield Campaign, United Nations Association of the USA, 801 2nd Ave., New York, NY 10017-4706; (212) 907-1300;; www.

Listen to the Children

Foster international awareness and understanding through the videos in the Child’s View Series produced by Mennonite Central Committee. Each video brings you the sights and sounds of children’s lives around the world, including stories from Indonesia, Congo, Laos, Mozambique, and elsewhere. Though most videos are about five minutes long—accommodating viewers with shorter attention spans, young and old—they show both the joys and challenges that children in developing and conflicted countries experience. One story is of 8-year-old Sladjana, a refugee of the war in Croatia whose family is building a house and making new friends in Serbia. Videos cost $15 each ($10 each if purchasing five or more), but are also available for free loan from the MCC office nearest you. Contact MCC, 21 South 12th St., P.O. Box 500, Akron, PA 17501-0500; mccresources@; www.mcc. org/resource.

Put Your Money Where Your Social Conscience Is

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