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Signs of a New Order

THE NEW ORDER is a place for those who share in the growing consciousness of radical Christian discipleship to exchange ideas and resources, new directions and experiments, wants and needs. Here we hope to focus on models of hope, communities, actions, and lifestyles, which witness to a New Order rooted in active faith in Jesus Christ. Signs of a new order will also include resources and information relevant to issues raised as we struggle in working out those models of hope.

For a true exchange, your involvement is vital. Let your brothers and sisters share with you in this new movement of the Spirit of our God. Send your contributions as you would like them to appear in the paper to POST- AMERICAN, The New Order, P. O. Box 132, Deerfield, Illinois, 60015.

OUR PRAYERS MUST BEGIN WITH REPENTENCE MR. PRESIDENT. Traditionally, the President, national government leaders, and religious spokesmen have convened the Annual National Prayer Breakfast in an attitude of thanksgiving, comfortable in the mutual allegiance to God and country. This year, in a con scientious break with the customary prayers pronouncing benediction upon the national cause, the speaker from the Senate Prayer Group raised the issue of moral culpability in the war on Indochina, calling for individual and national repentence. The speaker was Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon, a long-time opponent of the war on grounds of Christian conscience. There were striking parallels in the Senator?s call to repentence and exhortation to a true witness, addressed to the gathering of national leaders and religious spokesmen, including President Nixon and Billy Graham, and those examples of the Prophets crying out against national sin and the hypocrisy of false worship in the presence of Old Testament kings and priests. The text of Senator Hat field?s statement ot the 21st National Prayer Breakfast follows:

My brothers-and sisters:

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