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Soldier's Report

This afternoon, sir
we nailed God down
He's at the back of the property

He's going nowhere, sir
His feet are stuck
to a block of wood

It's comical, sir
Sometimes he makes as if
to lift his legs
and walk away
Then he pulls at his hands
planted above his head
Some of the men laughed
Stick 'em up, they said

We know he's male, sir
There's no loincloth

Before we came, sir
we saw a woman
cling to God's feet
collecting blood
into a jar
She said blood should not be wasted
We asked her to leave the vicinity

Come and see, sir
We have God
nailed down

Byron Rempel-Burkholder is an editor with Mennonite Publishing Network and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Sojourners Magazine March 2007
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