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Under One Common Hope

As we join our thoughts together before you, as we open up our hearts in love, as we confess our sins and praise you, we can only pray first, oh Lord, for the leaders of the country of the United States of America; especially for the men in the Pentagon, in the State Department, and President Reagan himself. We pray for those in government who make plans and final decisions unknown to their people.

Lord, this world has been created by you, it has been given to humankind to enjoy to its fullest. And when we think of those who make plans to destroy it, when we think of your power, we can only ask you, in a very humble way, and if it is your will, to stop that.

Lord we pray for that nation, one of the most powerful nations of this world; you have blessed it, and you have given it good leadership, but yet, sometimes those leaders have become corrupt and have acted against your will and desire and against the feelings of their people. Now we pray that you will speak to the hearts of those who are leading that nation, who use other sources to destroy the nations of the world, especially those who plan to use Honduras, providing military weapons and supporting a war against people who are poor, people who are suffering, people who are naked and hungry--people who are unable to enjoy your liberating force and are not able to see how much you have cared.

Lord, we ask and pray for this land, for Nicaragua, and for Honduras; we pray that you will give us that peace that Christ brought 2,000 years ago. It is still needed, the peace that means shelter for the ones that do not have a home, the peace that means help for those who are sick, the peace that means education for those who do not have school, the peace that means food for those who are hungry, clothes for those who are naked, love for those who are not loved, comfort for those who are sad.

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