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It’s All Yours

Excerpt from When God Was Flesh and Wild: Stories in Defense of the Earth by Bob Haverluck.

"LET'S YOU AND me dance," said the Tempter, alias Old Silky the Liar. “I know a dance called ‘King of the Mountain.’ Jesus, you assume a kingly pose—dignified, self-confident, in charge, a go-getter, a fixer of the broken world.”

“A healer of the wounded earth?”

“That and more, Your Majesty. Here we stand as on a high mountain over the whole wounded earth. All of it under our ... did I say ‘our,’ I meant your, your command and your guidance. You but give a little nod and wink in my direction, and it’s all yours. You only need to acknowledge the ‘know-how,’ the ‘get-up-and-go’ I bring the world. Or do you think I’m lying?”
“Only when your lips are moving.”

Text from When God Was Flesh and Wild: Stories in Defense of the Earth, by Bob Haverluck (Liturgical Press). Haverluck uses art, humor, environmental consciousness, and scriptural savvy in retelling four prophetic Bible stories. Printed with permission from Liturgical Press.

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