Yes to Diversity

Back in 1964 when I entered Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas, one of my professors was Rachel Henderlite, the first woman ordained in the then-Southern Presbyterian Church. We Presbyterians still have a way to go in the ongoing work of inclusiveness, but I cannot begin to imagine how much poorer we would be without the God-gifted leadership of women at all levels. Whenever we have said yes to God’s offer of diversity, we have received blessing upon blessing.

The followers of Jesus and the early church reflected immense diversity across gender and socioeconomic lines. The passage highlighted in your article “What is to Prevent Me from Being Baptized?” (by Reta Halteman Finger, April 2014) is the passage that was key to Presbyterians decades ago opening the Eucharistic table to children. Your article ably addresses another facet of inclusiveness we are challenged to embrace. Many thanks for your ongoing witness to abounding opportunities to enter into God’s gracious inclusiveness.

Rev. John Zeigler
Lewisville, Texas

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