Resources on Christians and the Environment

Here is a list of resources from Sojourners that will help further develop an understanding of Christian ethics and the environment.


A Partnership for the Earth: Churches and the environmental movement.
by Aaron Gallegos

The Green Gospel: Will seminaries equip church leaders for an age of environmental crisis?
by Katharine M. Preston

Sinking Noah's Ark: Christians and the Endangered Species Act.
by Aaron Gallegos

The Woman Who Planted Trees
compiled by Rose Berger and Mark Betz

The Bible calls us to dominion over creation. Or does it?
by Ched Myers

It's the Environment, Stupid: How could anyone have gotten so out of touch with physical reality?
by Bill McKibben

The Green Gospel: Will seminaries equip church leaders for an age of environmental crisis?
by Katharine M. Preston

Who's Who on the Christian Green Scene?: The most effective Christian eco-groups are leaner and less hampered by unwieldy church bureaucracies.
by Lois Ann Lorentzen

Blog posts:

Climate Justice Clips: The Real Conspiracy at Copenhagen, by Jarrod McKenna

Voices of Global Climate Change, Part I: Fe’ Kaho Tevi, by Elizabeth Palmberg

Planting Trees on Good Friday, by Liza Field

Eco-Justice: Getting There from Here, by Elizabeth Palmberg

The Social Side Effects of Global Warming, by César Baldelomar

West Virginia Mine Disaster: Mourning in the Mountains, by Rose Marie Berger


Christians and the Environment, PDF Discussion Guide

The Bible offers many images that emphasize the profound relation between God and the environment— from the importance of Sabbath in Genesis to Christ’s work in reconciling all creation to God. The Christian theology of “domination” has played a destructive role in the degradation of the environment, but the Christian theology of stewardship and sacred relationship between God, humans, and creation was also an essential element of the environmental movement.

Holy Ground, PDF Study Guide

Holy Ground: A Resource on Faith and the Environment identifies the important role that the church has in recognizing, with the gentleness of doves and the wisdom of serpents, the powers and principalities that benefit from degradation of humans and the Earth. As groups use this guide, we hope we can begin to identify - locally, as well as globally - that which can help us to become more aware of and more involved in caring for the creation. We journey together on Holy Ground.

Stewards of Creation: Bulletin

One in a series of twelve beautiful bulletins that connect faith and social justice on the critical issues of our day. SojoBulletins can be distributed in worship or used in a small group setting. A particular month is suggested for using each bulletin to complement similar themes in the church year or in the broader social context. Each SojoBulletin contains:

  • Bible verses

  • Commentary

  • Discussion questions and

  • A prayer suitable for using in worship

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