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Climate Change Generation?

Younger generations are less concerned and preoccupied by global warming than older generations, according to a new study by American, Yale, and George Mason universities. While at least half of adults over age 60 indicated that their friends are acting in ways to reduce global warming, only 39 percent of those under age 35 reported likewise. Young adults are, however, more likely to believe that global warming is caused by human action if the information is provided by scientists or President Obama. The exception to the rule? Eighty-one percent of evangelical young adults are more likely to believe their religious leaders than any other source about global warming.

Adults under 35 who say that global warming is either extremely or very important to them.
18-to-34-year-olds who believe people around the world are being harmed by climate change. That’s 7 percent less than the national average.
Conservatives age 60 and above who believe that global warming is happening. Only 30 percent of conservatives age 18 to 34 believe in global warming.
Non-evangelical young adults who trust religious leaders as an information source on global warming.
Source: “The Climate Change Generation?” (March 2010; American, Yale, and George Mason universities).

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