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Enjoying the ‘In-Between’ Times: Dustin McBride


Dustin McBride, 23

Co-Founder and CEO, Acirfa

Zambia and San Diego, California


Acirfa works with its partner Zambikes to assemble and sell affordable high-quality bicycles in Zambia.

-Your age this June:

I am 23 years old. Born in Wichita, Kansas.

-How would you describe your job/leadership role (one phrase)?

I solve problems and try to keep my team happy.

-What one or two things most motivated you to get involved?

When I came to Zambia for the first time in 2004, I left a piece of my heart here with the people and realized that there was so much potential and a lack of opportunity. Believing that with a passion and determined heart I could, even at a young age, have such a huge impact in many lives was all the motivation that I needed.

That and my Zambian brother Benjamin. Benjamin illustrated to me what it means to love someone, stranger or not, without hidden agendas but with an unconditional love. That's motivation … people like that remind me why I'm here in hard times.

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