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Doing the Extraordinary: Jena Nardella


Jena Nardella, 26

Executive Director, Blood:Water Mission

Nashville, Tennessee

Blood:Water Mission, started by the band Jars of Clay, works for clean water and against AIDS in Africa.

-How would you describe your job/leadership role (one phrase)?

I am responsible for creating, nurturing and leading all major programs, activities and relationships within Blood:Water Mission's mandate—which is to provide clean water and AIDS support in Africa while encouraging young Americans to care about the world beyond themselves.

-What one or two things most motivated you to get involved?

I learned that a billion people in the world lack access to clean water, and that women and children are the ones who suffer the most from this reality. I think people can be paralyzed by the social injustices of the world and feel the need to shut it out or feel as though there is nothing that they can do to respond to the injustices. I have always been motivated by the truth that ordinary people can do something extraordinary, if it is done with love, humility and large doses of hope.

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Sojourners Magazine June 2008
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