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Creating the Common Good: Lance Schmitz


Lance Schmitz, 30

Minister of Social Justice, Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene


[transcript of phone interview]

Sojourners: May I ask your age?

Schmitz: I just turned 30—I’m pretty surprised that I made it. I’m 30.

Sojourners: How would you describe your job / leadership role?

Schmitz: My job at work, I guess my job at the church, is to try and help people just imagine a different way of living life, trying to create a more just, more sustainable, a more peaceful life for all people.

Sojourners: What motivated you to get involved?

Schmitz: A lot of life experience stuff, but I figure it ties a lot of it back to my belief in the innate dignity of all humanity and my hope for the common good—that we can all be co-conspirators in bringing the common good about for all people.

Sojourners: As you think about your work and your participation in the body of Christ, what’s your biggest passion?

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Sojourners Magazine June 2008
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