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Luke 6:27-28

As if it matters
    noticing the migrant workers—
    two to a wheelbarrow of concrete—
    mending the walls of the rich
    that exclude them
As if religion cares
    not speeding past the Mexican
    landscape and lawn workers
    and homeless drunks
    on their way to church

As if it lasts

    the protest against
    the long wait to enter the death chamber,
    the taking of new or old or any life

As if they change anything

    clouds in a blue sky that
    arrest the heart
    words rising from the dark cave
    into the light
As if it matters
    war being the outcome anyway
    just or unjust
    those against it mocked and crowned
    with shame

As if they already possess it

    the merciful
    who continue to pray
    and labor and protest
    without counting the measure
    with which they measure

Murray Bodo is a Franciscan friar, author, and visiting professor in the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University in New York.

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Sojourners Magazine June 2007
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