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Me. Me. "[The apostle] Paul says we’re supposed to ‘die to ourselves’ —and I’m paying a publicist $3,000 a month to make sure everybody knows who I am?" said "Everybody Loves Raymond" star Patricia Heaton in People magazine.

A-Plus. Harvard University, instituting a new financial aid program, will not charge tuition to students whose parents make less than $40,000 a year. President Lawrence Summers cited research indicating that the nation’s 146 most-selective schools admit 25 times as many students from the top-income quarter as the bottom.

Walk the Talk. Bishop Mvume Dandala, director of the All Africa Conference of Churches, led 800 other church leaders in a public event in which they all were tested for HIV to promote voluntary testing by Christians across the continent. The leaders represented more than 150 churches and 39 countries.

Police Line. Canadian police entered St. Pierre United Church in Quebec City to deport Algerian refugee Mohamed Cherfi. The action has sparked a debate on the practice of churches offering sanctuary to refugees.

Greed Free? The National Council of Churches in India recently adopted an anti-corruption leadership code to combat graft in churches. "Many church leaders criticized us for going public with an ‘internal matter’" when the campaign for a corruption-free church was launched three years ago, said Moses Manohar of the Inter-Church Service Association.

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