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Need for Accountability


As I read about how the majority of Americans still hold that the United States made the right decision in deposing of Saddam Hussein, I feel as though some way should be found to inform the citizenry about the process that was taking place in the United Nations as Sojourners was getting various nations to agree to your plan of handling Saddam Hussein in a cooperative, legal way rather than resorting to violence. Shouldn’t the American public be told that George Bush evidently wanted war so desperately that he jumped the gun and ordered our troops to attack Iraq?

Did our Republican administration want an excuse for war against Iraq so badly that they even disregarded the intelligence telling them about bin Laden’s intentions to attack the United States? I just don’t understand all this talk about how blame or politics should not enter any testimonies before the 9/11 commission. Of course, their goal is to find ways to prevent future terrorists attacks, but I always thought holding people responsible for their mistakes was the best way to safeguard the future.

Frances Wilkin
Wilmington, Ohio

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Sojourners Magazine June 2004
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