Nag, Nag, Nag ...

Nag, Nag, Nag...

All right, all right! I'll change the typeface. After scores of complaints from subscribers regarding the poor readability of our print, we have decided to give in and, with this issue, have switched to a different face and a larger size.

It seems that many of you didn't appreciate the overly condensed, squishy, hard-to-read tiny type that is the art director's prerogative to use. I mean, I thought it was enough to give you pages that were nice to look at; but no, you actually wanted to READ the articles. So, while the silent majority of Sojourners readers were content to gradually lose their eyesight, a few troublemakers with typewriters and postage stamps started inundating us with letters. Now you can stop.

Our new typeface is called Times Roman (named, I think, for the big-city paper that Jesus used to read with his morning coffee and bagel. He would send Bartholomew out everyday to get one, since they didn't have home delivery, but Bartholomew was a little absent-minded and sometimes brought back the Post instead. Or he would forget the newspaper altogether and just buy a couple of Slurpees and a chili dog. Maybe that's why you don't read that much about Bartholomew in the Bible ...).

Our new typeface is more square in shape and easier on the eye. Since research has shown that humans see mainly the tops of letters when reading text, a square typeface provides more line-of-sight data and a "longer look" for each letter than does a narrower face. Thus, information absorption is enhanced. (I learned that in journalism class. Impressed?)

Times Roman normally comes in regular, bold, and italic, but we bought the deluxe typeface package and also got caffeine-free bold, diet-cherry italic, and Cajun-style.

Actually, it's good that we changed, since we were almost out of our old letters. We just had a few consonants left.

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