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The Sojourners Guide to the Nation's Capital

With summer almost upon us, many of us at Sojourners are getting ready for long-awaited vacations. But each year, just as we're trying to spend a few weeks at the beach or in the mountains, many of our readers and other friends make a trek to the nation's capital.

The attraction of these pilgrimages escapes us. As former President John Kennedy caustically commented, Washington is a city "with Northern charm and Southern efficiency." But then perhaps you enjoy feeling like you're wearing a wet suit in a sauna or defying death by negotiating Washington's infamous and innumerable traffic circles, no two of which are the same.

The following list is an itinerary for your visit this summer, as well as a warning of "Musts to Avoid" while you're frantically seeking the few dry and cool nooks in this town during June, July, or--if you must come then--in August. Now you needn't be lost when you finally get to D.C. and find that no one you know is still in town. Here is your very own "Sojourners Guide to the Nation's Capital."

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