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Invite your friends, pass the cookies, and dig into Sojourners. Table Talk discussion guides provide a gathering place for communities to discuss issues of faith, politics, and culture—local and global. Table Talk offers a smorgasbord of questions (enough for four sessions, if you want to arrange it that way), as well as resources for further study and action. You bring dessert.

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Session I. Holy Land?

"Short Fuse to Apocalypse?" (p. 20)
"How Christian is Zionism?" (p. 25)
"Road Map or Dead End?" (p. 15)
"A Deafening Silence" (p. 18)

Can you bulldoze your way to the New Jerusalem, one Palestinian home at a time? Don Wagner analyzes how "dispensationalism"—originally an obscure fringe theology developed in the 19th century—has made the U.S. Christian Right into supporters of Israel’s most extremist policies, which some fundamentalists even believe will accelerate the second coming of Christ. Meanwhile, a road map for peace in the Middle East offers hope and demands political sacrifice, even as nonviolent activists risk their lives to witness for peace in the region.

Questions to Consider

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Sojourners Magazine July-August 2003
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