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Praying For Peace in Yugoslavia

Starting on Sunday, May 16, thousands of people of faith around the United States, Europe, and Yugoslavia have held candlelight prayer vigils on local bridges and overpasses as a witness for peace in Yugoslavia, and to protest the violence in the region-whether from NATO, Serb, or KLA forces. A prayer campaign organized primarily by e-mail brought people out to the Dry Creek bridge in Modesto, California, the Loraine-Carnegie bridge in Cleveland, Ohio, and bridges in Rockford, Illinois; Biddeford, Maine; Canton, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Maryland; Evanston, Illinois; and Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. “We hope tonight’s vigil accomplished two things,” said Barbara Shiffer, organizer of a vigil in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “We want this to be a public witness to the power of prayer, and a show of solidarity and love for the people of Yugoslavia.” Bridges have a special place in the heart of the Slavic people. They are seen as a link between heaven and earth, a link between those who would otherwise be separated by ethnicity, religion, or race.

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Sojourners Magazine July-August 1999
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