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Washington, D.C., is a town with more than its share of vigils, marches, and demonstrations. So it may have been more pragmatic than cynical to assume before the fact that Sister Dianna Ortiz’s silent vigil for truth in front of the White House this spring would be largely ignored.

But sometimes the Spirit moves just like spring itself: Buds appear in the midst of unpromising cold; life unfolds itself and blooms beyond measure. Sister Dianna’s witness took hold of the hearts of people at Sojourners (as it did many others near and far) in just such a quiet and unstoppable way. Many who spent time with Sister Dianna at her vigil site commented that it seemed like holy ground—a place touched by a fierce, gentle, palpable power that drew one back again and again.

We offer this issue’s cover story, by staffers Rose Marie Berger and Julie Polter, in tribute to a woman of great love and courage, whose vigil, story, and person continue to move us profoundly. But we also print it because Sister Dianna and the Guatemalan people still seek the truth about the U.S. government’s role in the torture, persecution, and murder that continue in Guatemala.

The authors in our feature section this issue are especially familiar to us. The article on Jubilee Partners’ work with refugees is by longtime friend Don Mosley, with contributing editor (and former associate editor) Joyce Hollyday. We also excerpt a forthcoming book by regular columnist and contributing editor Danny Duncan Collum. And editorial staff assistant Brett Grainger interviewed author Dennis Covington here in D.C., thus beginning a new friendship for us.

-The Editors

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Sojourners Magazine July-August 1996
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