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Dear Dianna...

Death’s Dance Broken

Just wanted to come and sit with you for a while. As we say in the African-American tradition, “God can make a way out of no way.” Be strong and I will pray for you. —Barbara

I pass through the park everyday and have noticed you here before. However, it wasn’t until yesterday morning’s report on National Public Radio that I heard the story of you and your cause. It is a horrific thing that has happened to you and the many others in Guatemala. It really is difficult to understand how the government of the United States (the supposed leaders of the “Free World”) can be so deceptive and uncooperative to its citizens. My thoughts are with you. God bless. —Mark

Siento mucho la injusticia tan grande de este mundo....I feel very bad about the injustice of the world and hope that someday, with the help of God, we will all find peace. I also was a victim of injustice. In 1980, my 16-year-old brother was killed by the Salvadoran military and because of this I had to leave my country. I struggle very hard to survive in the United States, because I am afraid that, at any moment, the government will make me leave this country. I hope that you have much luck and that God blesses you and that the struggle for justice will not be in vain. —“Maria”

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Sojourners Magazine July-August 1996
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