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Letters to the Editor from Sojourners readers
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Everett Historical / Shutterstock
The Opposite of Fear

While I am encouraged that Rev. Rob Schenck articulates and promotes powerful theology among evangelicals and in his article “Should Christians Own Guns?" I am deeply saddened by the chasm of fear that divides the church in the United States. Having had the privilege of discourse and worship with Rev. Mitri Raheb at Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, our contingent understood what persecution of Christians and a dangerous environment really mean. Still, these Christian brothers and sisters maintain and foster nonviolence. I believe that Jesus considered fear and love opposites. Thank you to Sojourners for championing love.

Anne Cowburn
West Grove, Pennsylvania

A Matter of Health

I just finished reading and rereading “Should Christians Own Guns?” I am a 75-year-old retired family physician and a lifelong hunter and gun owner. I am not a member of the NRA, though. Preventive medicine was one of my most important jobs as a family doctor, and the NRA’s successful blocking of any funding to the Centers for Disease Control for the study of gun violence in the United States is, to me, unconscionable. That is one main reason that I belong to Texas Gun Sense, a group here in Austin that promotes sensible gun legislation and works against “campus carry” in Texas (so far unsuccessfully). Thanks to Sojourners for publishing this very timely and compelling piece.

Al Lindsey
Austin, Texas

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