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God-Given GMOs?

Peter Henriot,

Peter Henriot, like so many others, totally dismisses the potential of GMO crops in favor of organic agriculture for feeding Zambia’s population ("The Zambia Experiment," April 2005). Zambia will double its population in 25 years. Are they going to double the acreage for crop production? At whose expense? We add a quarter-million persons to the earth each day and about 70 other species go extinct, mainly due to habitat loss! Is having more of one species worth 70 others in God’s eyes?

The goal in Zambia and throughout the world should be development of sustainable agriculture, relying on all of God’s given resources - perhaps even God-given GMOs with their added potential for delivering vitamins and vaccines, so that no more habitat is lost or degraded and all of God’s creation can prosper.

Herb Edwards
Macomb, Illinois

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Sojourners Magazine July 2005
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