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Civics Lesson

Three hundred Israeli high-

Three hundred Israeli high-school students signed a letter refusing to participate in the occupation of the Palestinian territories, according to a letter they sent to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in March. The students believe that the occupation leads to inhumanity, infringes on the right to life, and contributes nothing to the security of the Israeli state and its citizens.

"Just like we expect our left-wing neighbors in Palestine to stand up against terrorism," 17-year-old Omri Evron of Tel Aviv told Sojourners, "we are standing up against Israeli violence. We refuse to be a part of it. We are willing to go to jail, because we are young people who have learned from the mistakes of older generations, on both sides, who tend to blame only the opponents, without ever looking in the mirror." The students are calling on young people and members of the Israel Defense Force to "weigh again whether to risk their lives in the service of this repressive and destructive policy."

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Sojourners Magazine July 2005
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