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El Sacrificio Santo

"This is the feast of victory for our God"
So sang the son of woman
As he lifted his scarred hands skyward.
"This is the blood of the new covenant
Which shall be shed
So that the earth might sing..."
The bullet arches through the sign of the cross.
The hollow glove slaps the humble priest silent.

In the land of The Saviour,
The city of God
Tears in two from top to bottom.
From the wooden tower
Once, twice, three times
Bells speak
The raising of the chalice,
The raising of the steel hand,
The surprised look of an author
Reading his own last page.
The cathedral explodes
Into the silence
Of broken cups and wounded massbells.

Y el descendio a los muertos,
Y con los inicuos fue contado.

Burnt bread and burning poems,
Tears of sand and blood,
San Salvador weeps for another son.
For God so loved this land
That He gives His sons and daughters
To die over and over and over...

Y el descendio a los muertos
And on the third day,
The people rose up singing,
"For the Lamb that was slain has begun His reign."

Patrick Hansel attended Christ Seminary-Seminex in St. Louis when this article appeared.

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