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Who Do We Change?

IT WAS WITH A certain sense of dismay that I read through your November-December 1995 issue. The last paragraph of the article "Religious Lobbying" (by Dan Hofrenning) I found particularly disturbing as it seemed to exemplify the general tone of the issue.

I don't believe Jesus asked us to "change the world." I thought we were asked, with his grace, to transform ourselves . I was under the impression that we are called to discipleship, to follow Jesus' example and teaching. I don't remember any of his teachings asking us to "seek power." His whole life was one of "power-lessness."

Like nonviolence, we have never really tried power-lessness. When it comes down to the final choice, we rationalize that the end justifies the means. We don't really believe, or live, Jesus' life and message.

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Sojourners Magazine January-February 1996
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