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The Last Comes First

LIKE GRAHAM AND NOLA Daniell of Perth, Australia, and the ancient Israelites, it is my practice to begin reading Sojourners on the back page. I particularly liked Ed Spivey Jr.'s column this month ("H'rumphs," November-December 1995), and am looking forward to the next Sojourners blockbuster issue on the electoral college.

Ed asks us if we can think of another person sleazier than Jesse Helms, and I immediately thought of the late Sen. Roman Hruska, owner of a chain of pornographic movie houses in the Midwest, and the sage who responded to critics of his proposed nominee to the Supreme Court (who had alleged that this worthy was "mediocre"), that "mediocre people also deserve representation on the Supreme Court."

Anyway, it is a pleasure to read Ed's column and realize that at least one other fellow Washingtonian and I are soulmates.

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Sojourners Magazine January-February 1996
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