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Celebrating Our 25th Year

Oops. Actually our 25th anniversary issue is coming up later this fall. I just forgot. I've been forgetting a lot lately since I'm getting older and...what was I saying? Oh yes, about my daughters' hamsters. Sigh. I've been here almost 22 years and I tell you I'm not aging gracefully. And I'm not alone. A lot of people here are looking really old, particularly *****. And I couldn't believe how wrinkled ****** looked the other day. (Editor's Note: Asterisks have been inserted to protect the identities of the editor and the publisher, who are several weeks older than their art director.)

But seriously, at our recent editorial retreat we didn't play volleyball. This may seem like a small thing, but we ALWAYS play volleyball on retreats. (Once we actually forgot to make any editorial plans, opting to spend the whole time playing volleyball, except when we stopped for a few minutes to tell a staffperson that we were sorry he might have dislocated his shoulder, but...it was his serve.)

But not this time. Nobody even brought a net.

No, this time we padded around in our slippers and-I still can't believe it-worked on crossword puzzles. And some people needed backrubs afterward. The most athletic thing we did was play cards. (Things can get a little physical when you play I Doubt It, especially when people accuse you of intentionally lying just to win a silly game. Twice.)

Fortunately, in the Christian magazine business, talent is not dependent on youth. Just good hair dye.


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Sojourners Magazine January-February 1996
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