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Feel the Love?

I found Tom Getman’s article “Holy Land Farce” (November 2011) to be very one-sided in its perception of Glenn Beck’s Rally to Restore Courage in August. I am a Jewish person, almost 62 years old, who became a Christian when I was 50. I have always been more liberal than conservative, but I must say that as I watched Glenn Beck and Pastor Hagee, I felt understood, supported—and, yes, loved.

While some are telling me that protecting Israel is not very important to my fellow U.S. citizens, evangelical Christians are telling me that they understand Israel’s plight as a nation surrounded by Muslim countries that are hostile to her existence and have felt that way for almost 100 years now. This hatred and violence existed long before Israel took over the West Bank, so please don’t blame Israel for Muslim attitudes of hatred and destructiveness.                                         

Debra Michels
Marina del Rey, California

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