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Countering Stereotypes

Letter to the Editors

As Adam Taylor writes in your November issue, we truly are "One in the Body." I am compelled to offer a factual correction, however. Lesbians are the least likely of any sexually active demographic to contract HIV/AIDS. A simple correction reveals the power that stereotyping continues to wield when "gay issues" are raised: "In today's age of AIDS, the other is too often the IV drug user, the sex worker, the gay man -- or the woman whose husband or boyfriend has infected her as a result of his unacknowledged, unprotected sex with other men who believe they cannot contract HIV because it is a 'gay disease.'"

Thank you for bringing the impor-tance of solidarity with "others" to light in Sojourners.

Dr. Susan Gore
Dallas, Texas

Sojourners Magazine January 2011
This appears in the January 2011 issue of Sojourners