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“Two weeks on, the Earth is still vibrating from the massive undersea earthquake off Indonesia Sunday…reverberations like the ringing of a bell….” —AOL News

Two weeks on, and the planet is still

droning like struck metal. The low coastlines

shiver, waiting to be wiped away

like dust on a shelf.

On a flight the laptops deploy all around me,

played by virtuosos, but not

a single musical note. Birds do better;

the note of water dripping in a bucket after rain;

crystal clinked with a spoon to get

our attention. The drumming

of short-term thunder.

But nothing chimes like the great gong

of the heart of the globe, a seismic moan

circling out. The waters throb within us for

the next bell’s tolling, when the ocean boils

and hurls itself abroad as one more

green speeding mountain.

Luci Shaw is writer-in-residence at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Sojourners Magazine January 2006
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