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Inside Story

Perhaps you have noticed that this issue of Sojourners has fewer pages than usual (if you hadn't noticed, take our word for it). No, we're not trying to short-sheet you. In fact in the long run you'll be getting more Sojourners, not less.

How? After nine years as a bimonthly publication, we're returning to our roots as a monthly. So you'll be receiving our take on faith, politics, and culture 12 times a year instead of six. While each issue is somewhat shorter, the higher frequency means that in the course of a year you'll receive substantially more pages of content.

Publishing at a monthly frequency allows us to respond more rapidly to world events, cultural phenomena, and manifestations of the Spirit, while still providing the thoughtful perspective that is key to our mission.

We're also pleased about the Gold Award bestowed at this fall's Folio "Editorial Excellence Awards" competition in New York City - the largest and most-comprehensive conference for the magazine industry - honoring Sojourners as the best Religious/Spiritual magazine of 2003.

The Editors

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Sojourners Magazine January 2004
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