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Children of the Damned, The Sequel

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Children of the Damned, The Sequel

It seemed like a good idea: a cheerful, celebrative evening of Yuletide fun. Why not invite the children, we asked while planning the annual Christmas party for our small group. The kids can join in the hot cider and cookies, exchange homemade gifts, and experience the spirit of Christmas by singing with us the cherished carols of our heritage.


Because on the way to the party our kids must have been secretly kidnapped by aliens and replaced with ... the Sacrilegious Children From Hell!

The evening progressed as planned, a little noisier than expected perhaps, but as we lit candles and gathered our families around the hearth a calm began to settle over us. What a great way to spend a holiday evening, we parents foolishly thought to ourselves.

"Let's sing 'Jingle Bells,'" I suggested to the gleeful giggles of our precious children. But midway through the song it happened: A single voice in the back of the room started to rise above the rest ... "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg ..." And one by one the children began to join in, gradually drowning out the adults, chanting louder and louder ... "Batmobile lost a wheel and Joker got away, hey!"

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