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Funny Business

What is This ... The Twilight Zone?

Yo! Taxi! Could you take me to another planet, please? Something terribly wrong is happening here on mine, and I don't recognize a thing.

First, this Gorbachev guy declares communism a practical failure, then the Iron Curtain starts springing leaks, and thousands simply walk into the West. Top Soviet officials then say they were WRONG to invade Afghanistan, and, yes, they did violate a couple of nuclear treaties, but they're sorry. And what's this, Moammar Gadhafi is admitting he sponsored terrorist organizations in the past, but he won't do it anymore, and he wants to open constructive dialogue with the West? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!

Wait a minute, I think we just passed something familiar...lsrael and South Africa are collaborating on nuclear weapons. That's a little better. And hey, pull over. There's George Bush calling for more contra aid. Whew! That's more like it. What? Nixon's in China? Yes, it's good to be home...

Another Episode of "Frontier Dad"

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