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Food for the Journey

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step of faith. And we can be sure that if God asks us to go the first thousand miles, God will expect us to go the second.

So our lives are a pilgrimage—a walk of faith the goal of which is faith, and a journey of peace the end of which is peace. Many who share this pilgrimage talk about the path being dark and uphill these days. We see and share so much suffering, and the burden seems heavy to bear. We need sustenance for the journey. That is what I hope "Wayfare" will be. In my wrestlings to come up with a title for this new column, I searched for something that would reflect the nature of faith as a pilgrimage, as well as hold up my hope that what I write will nurture and encourage those who read it.

"Wayfare" seemed to do that, even before I searched out its roots. Consulting a dictionary gave me more enthusiasm for the title.

"Fare" means "food"; I hope to offer food for thought as well as for nurture. It comes from a Greek root meaning "a way through." It reflects what I think many of us are searching for—a faithful way through these dark days. Many of us feel like sojourners in a modern wilderness as we seek to live a life rooted in the kingdom of God.

"Fare" also means "to pass through an experience with good or bad fortune." I will reflect on experiences of many kinds—the difficult ones that bring growth, and the lighter ones that bring joy.

"Fare" can mean "to bear a load," and some months the column will reflect the burden of being faithful in these times. But it can also mean "to be entertained," and I hope that some months "Wayfare" will be light fare, bringing on a smile or a laugh.

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